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OU on the BBC: The Great British Year: Winter

Updated Thursday 15th August 2013

A new year dawns with the country already deep into winter.

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About the episode

A tree in the snow, Ashton Court, Bristol, UK Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC (Photographer: Elizabeth White) A tree in snow, Bristol, UK Starting on New Years Day, Britain is in the grip of winter.

Time-lapses show a magical country shrouded in frost and mist swirling in hollows. Water becomes the enemy as it freezes and the wildlife must cope.

Red squirrels resort to subterfuge; kites track a farmer ploughing to get at the worms beneath the frost.

As winter fades adders bask in the sun and the woodland floor erupts with snowdrops. On a lake in Wiltshire new hope captured in the evocative dance of the Great crested grebe.

Winter is the first of four programmes making up The Great British Year, a season-by-season exploration of how wildlife adapts across the calendar.

Winter is first shown on BBC One at 9.00pm, Wednesday 2nd October, 2013.





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