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The Hairy Bikers: Bakeation - Eastern Europe

Updated Thursday 26th September 2013

Two Hairy Bikers. Three European countries. And lots and lots of baked delights.

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A Curly Pie Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC The half-way point of the Hairy Bikers' Bakeation sees them journey to the furthest reaches of Europe culminating in an amazing family party thrown by Dave's wife Lil, who comes from Romania.

Three countries; Slovakia, Hungary and Romania provide the Bikers with ample opportunity to explore some great baking. It all starts in a café in Bratislava, where the Bikers are served three cakes which, believe it or not, are inspired by British TV cookery shows!

They also have an encounter with kremesh, the Hungarian take on a vanilla slice served in a café that survived the ravages of communism; langos, a roadside snack of deep-fried pastry with sour cream and cheese and Tokaj wine, the choice of kings once more prized than any made in France.

The Bikers keep their end of the culinary deal with zemlovka, an Eastern European take on the classic bread and butter pudding, some amazing cheese and bacon savoury scones, a robust goulash stew and a Curly Pie made especially for the family party in Romania.

This journey takes the Bikers to the very edge of Europe, and it's quite a ride!

The Hairy Bikers' Bakeation: Eastern Europe is on BBC Two, Tuesday 3rd April 2012. For futher broadcast details, and to watch online where available, visit

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