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The Hairy Bikers: Bakeation - Norway

Updated Thursday, 12th June 2014

As they begin their journey around the kitchens of Europe, The Hairy Bikers make a cold start in Norway.

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The Hairy Bikers in Norway Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC The Hairy Bikers start their epic 5000 mile bakeation in Kristiansund on Norway's stunning West coast. They ride out along the Atlantic highway, ferry hopping from island to island and enjoy the thrilling biking provided by the spectacular roads that hug the rugged coastline of the fjords before arriving in the capital, Oslo, for the annual Norway day celebrations.

As they travel, they meet extraordinary artisan bakers who are only too keen to teach the bikers how to make their Norwegian specialities. They also meet some talented home-bakers, including 95 year old Nikka who rustles up waffles on her 65 year old waffle-iron.

The bikers choose some amazing locations to cook some of their favourite Norwegian recipes; Scandinavian Rye Bread, Cardamom and Lemon Cookies and Pirogi (ham and Jarlsberg filled pastries).

On their travels they taste the Norwegian delicacies of brown cheese and aquavit, Si rediscovers his Viking roots and they both push themselves to the limit when they attempt the Olympic bobsleigh run.

This episode is first broadcast on BBC Two & the BBC HD Channel at 8.00pm on Tuesday, 13th March. For further broadcast details and to watch online, visit

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