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OU on the BBC: Wartime Farm

Updated Friday, 7th December 2012

Feeding a nation under fire: How did agriculture cope with the changing demands of a wartime economy? Ruth, Alex and Peter travel back to the 1940s to find out.

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Wartime Farm series image Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Play your part and dig for victory with the brand new series from the BBC and The Open University: Wartime Farm.

In Wartime Farm Alex Langlands, Peter Ginn and Ruth Goodman will take on their biggest challenge yet. As with Victorian and Edwardian Farm, they will be taking up the running of a farm for a full calendar year, using only the tools and materials of an historic era.

But this time they will be turning the clock back to World War Two – and mirroring the demands of an agricultural endeavour unparalleled in British history.

Alex, Peter and Ruth are about to embark on nothing short of a revolution in British farming - one more akin to Soviet-style collectivization than anything else. With quotas and targets imposed by the Ministry of Agriculture, new sweeping national standards were set down, irrespective of what type of farm you had or where it was located.

Wartime Farm will be coming to BBC Two from Thursday 6th September, with a standalone Christmas Special on Tuesday 18th December, 2012. For further broadcast details, and to watch online where available, please visit

Episode guide

There are eight episodes in the current series, and a Christmas Special.





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