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Wartime Farm - Episode 4

Updated Friday, 5th December 2014

All in it together? This week our farmers discover why substandard agriculture wasn't tolerated when there was a war on.

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The sheepdog joins the team on the Wartime Farm Creative commons image Icon Lion TV / BBC under Creative-Commons license Wartime Farming It's the fourth episode of Wartime Farm, the programme which explores how the nation dug in and stayed fed during the Second World War.

The team discovers that Wartime Farmers could lose everything - their home and their land - if the government did not think they were productive enough. Over 2000 farmers deemed 'not good enough' were thrown off their farms during the war.

Ruth, Peter and Alex face a World War Two-style government inspection, meeting an expert who tells them to grow and to get their milking operation up and running.

In the process they confront the wave of mechanisation that government regulation brought to wartime farming, grappling with a new tractor and getting to grips with a milking machine. Yet they are dealt a bitter blow with the loss of a prime dairy cow.

Peter also launches a rabbit-breeding concern and they take in the latest release from the Ministry of Information, who made films urging farmers to use the very latest techniques in the fields.

The team also discovers the chilling story of a local farmer who lost his life in a dramatic shoot-out with the police after the authorities tried to remove him from his farm for failing to meet his required targets.

With their hard work completed the inspector returns to judge the state of the farm and award them their all-important official 'grade' - determining whether their efforts have been a success or a failure.

Wartime Farm: Episode Four is first shown on BBC Two and BBC HD on Thursday, 27th September 2012 at 8.00pm. For further broadcast information, and to watch online where available, please visit




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