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Protecting Our Parents: Nowhere to go

Updated Tuesday, 22nd April 2014

The final episode explores the problem that, as the years go on, being cared for at home won't be possible, yet places in care homes are already in short supply.

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About the episode

Evelyn has advanced dementia and can no longer live safely at home. She's been well enough to leave hospital for over two months, but can't until a permanent place in a specialist home becomes available. The hospital environment can be unsettling and disorientating for some. Evelyn becomes aggressive towards the hospital staff and has to be restrained by security guards.

John, who also has dementia, was admitted to hospital after a fall. His wife Jean is his main carer, but she has her own health concerns. Jean admits that she is struggling to cope, but the thought of John going into care leaves her racked with guilt. The residential options available are limited, but social worker Kerry finds him a temporary place in a care home while Jean decides their future.

Since the death of her husband four years ago, Gladys' sister and brother-in-law have been her main carers, but they live over an hour away. After a fall and a hospital stay, Gladys is scared to return home. She isn't happy in her temporary care home but there are no suitable places near her sister Pat.

This episode was first broadcast on BBC Two on Thursday 1st May 2014.




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