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The Bank: Love n Money

Updated Monday, 15th June 2015

The second episode of The Bank looks at love in relation to money - with everything from engagements, marriage, parenthood, divorce, old age, illness and death. 

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Bank workers holding money in the vaults (BBC USE ONLY) Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Filmed over a year with the straight-talking staff and customers of one branch of NatWest, in West Yorkshire, this series lays bare the thorny relationship between us, the bank and our money.

The second episode of this series, with unique access to the staff and customers of a high street bank, is about love and money.

All of life passes through NatWest bank in Huddersfield. The staff there see customers at every milestone of adult life. Young love, settling down, parenthood, divorce, old age, illness and death. 

That’s not to mention the staff, who between them, have clocked up one engagement, three mortgages and three divorces, just in the last year.

While bank staff open up about their relationships, their divorces and about who calls the shots with money in their house, they also introduce us to the customers who are juggling money and their hearts. Money can provoke strong feelings in relationships.

Victoria and Matthew have just moved in together and opened a joint account to test out their relationship, while Helen is trying to unpick the financial mess of her divorce. Melanie’s husband has clocked her obsessive bargain hunting habit, while Kevin is looking after father’s pension money so the 79 year old can go looking for love in Africa. Andy’s homeless and so can’t close the joint account he shared with his ex and deputy bank manager Claire is still living at home with her parents, until she and her boyfriend can afford to get on the property ladder.

It seems almost impossible for our romantic or family relationships not to get tangled up with money. But how do we make sure it’s for better not for worse?

This episode is part of the OU/BBC series The Bank. You can view the main series page here for more episode guides and relevant content from our academics. 

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