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The Brits Who Built The Modern World - Episode three

Updated Thursday 13th February 2014

Episode three focuses on the period from the late 90s to the present day.

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Photo of Millennium Bridge including St Pauls Cathedral in London Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Nathan Kendall/OFTV Millenium Bridge

About the episode: The Politics of Power

The third episode focuses on the period from the late 90s to the present day, when the architects were at the peak of their success – building iconic landmarks across Britain and the world. However, they also faced some of the biggest controversies of their careers. Rogers reveals what went wrong with the Millennium Dome, Foster recalls the wobbles of London’s Millennium Bridge, and Michael Hopkins explains how his new parliamentary building (Portcullis House) became the most expensive office block in Britain.

Also featured are the stories behind some of Britain’s most popular modern architecture – Nicholas Grimshaw’s Eden Project and Foster’s ‘Gherkin’; and a look at this generation’s success overseas, including Terry Farrell’s success in China.


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