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The Brits Who Built The Modern World - Episode two

Updated Wednesday 5th February 2014

Episode two focuses on the 1980s, when modern architecture was deeply unpopular.

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Lloyds Building in London Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Nathan Kendall/OFTV Lloyd's of London building

About the episode: The Power of the Past

The second episode of the series focuses on the 1980s, when modern architecture was deeply unpopular – and under attack from the Prince of Wales. The architects reveal the dramatic stories behind some of their most famous creations, including Rogers’ Lloyd’s of London building and Foster’s Stansted Airport.

Terry Farrell reveals how he was kept in the dark when he was designing the MI6 Headquarters; Michael Hopkins recalls the challenges of bringing ultra-modern architecture into the traditional world of Lord’s Cricket Ground; and Nicholas Grimshaw follows in the footsteps of the great Victorian engineers with his Waterloo International station.


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