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OU on the BBC: The Joy Of Stats

Updated Thursday, 22nd November 2012

Hans Rosling takes a journey into the heart of statistics - and shows why they're anything but dull.

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Believe me, there’s nothing boring about statistics. Especially today when we can make the data sing.

With statistics, we can really make sense of the world.

Join me on a fascinating journey to discover how, from crime to health, from language learning to the way science itself is conducted, the answers, the insights and yes the beauty lie in the stats.

The Joy Of Stats will take you on a fascinating journey into the world of statistics - and the remarkable power they have to change our understanding of the world we live in.

Swedish academic superstar Hans Rosling uses the power of statistics to change our understanding of global development over the last 300 years, and he'll be your guide through The Joy Of Stats. From the bowels of some of the world's greatest supercomputers to the frontlines of scientific discovery, Hans exposes the explosive growth of an extraordinary new method of understanding ourselves and our Universe.

The Joy Of Stats can be seen again on BBC Four, Wednesday 13th July at 8.00pm  For further transmission details, visit

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