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The Secret History of Our Streets: Scotland: The episodes

Updated Wednesday, 9th July 2014

A brief look at the episodes from The Secret History of Our Streets: Scotland.

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Dr Bill Ayles and wife Mary Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Dr Bill Ayles and wife Mary, Edinburgh

About the episodes

The Moray Estate, Edinburgh 

In Edinburgh’s ancient New Town – a street unlike anywhere else in Britain, with an architecture and a people seemingly unchanged over almost 200 years.

This episode was first broadcast on the 25th July 2014 on BBC Two.

Duke Street, Glasgow 

Duke Street is Britain’s longest street, running from Glasgow City Centre through the heart of Glasgow’s East End. Elegant Victorian tenement blocks line the road to the south of Duke Street. Yet just 40 years ago, those tenements were under threat. This is the story of how a group of pioneering residents took on the Glasgow Corporation in a battle to save their homes.

This episode was first broadcast on the 1st August 2014 on BBC Two.

The Footdee Squares, Aberdeen 

At the mouth of Aberdeen Harbour lie the Footdee Squares, a model housing scheme built for fishermen and their families in 1809. Tethered to the sea and cut off from the city, the squares developed their own culture. They were a traditional fishing community, untroubled for 150 years, until the day that oil was discovered just a few miles out to sea.  

This episode was first broadcast on the 5th August 2014 on BBC Two

What role does an agreement made in Montevideo in the 1930s have in the Scottish independence debate? Creative commons image Icon The Open University / Independence Plaze in Montevideo public domain image under Creative-Commons license



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