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The wonder of dogs - Episode two

Updated Wednesday 28th August 2013

How do humans harness the skills of certain breeds of dog?

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Steve Leonard with female wheelchair user and assistance dog Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Windfall Films

About the episode

Episode two explores how the breeds differ in their senses and abilities – and consequently how we have harnessed these inherent skills.  We discover how our own history has helped to shape these breeds into the finely honed hunters, herders and guard dogs we employ today.

We explore whether the physical differences between dogs have an effect on their abilities. Will a short nose impede a sense of smell? Will floppy ears mean subdued hearing, and what effect will skull shape have on peripheral vision? As we unravel each sense we look at how it works in the context of the extraordinary range of roles dogs play in our society today. We also find out if there is any limit to what a dog can be trained to do.





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