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Wastemen: Big Problems, Big Solutions

Updated Tuesday, 7th April 2015

In the last of our visits to the men who cope with Newcastle's waste, we look to the future...

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Mickey - night shift street cleaner Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Mickey is a night sweeper - but how will his role change as Newcastle adopts new approaches to waste management? Wastemen is an observational documentary from The Open University and the BBC.

As a nation we throw away more than ever.

With increasing landfill taxes and concerns over the environment, burying it all in a hole in the ground is no longer an option. Bigger and better solutions to our waste problems are needed and Newcastle and the Northeast are helping lead the way.

Giant incinerators turn rubbish into electricity, industrial plants turn waste into compost and machines the size of jumbo jets shred old cars into fragments of metal that are sold around the world and reused.

A new future for our rubbish is coming - and with it, changes for the Wastemen.

Wastemen: Big problems, Big solutions is first shown on May 12th on BBC Two at 9pm (except Scotland) and on BBC Two Scotland at 11.50pm.  




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