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Wastemen: One Man's Rubbish, One Man's Treasure

Updated Friday, 1st May 2015

The value of waste has never been higher - but it's not just financial value; the Wastemen are aware of the emotional value of some of the items they come across.

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Terry Watson - House Clearance Supervisor, Newcastle City Council Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Terry Watson is House Clearance Supervisor for Newcastle City Council Wastemen is a major new observational documentary from The Open University and the BBC. Join us as we follow the lives of the people who deal with the discards of Newcastle.

In episode two, the war against rubbish never stops for the waste men of Newcastle.

But the things we throw away have never been worth so much. On the streets of the city no bin, skip or piece of scrap metal is safe from the opportunists who have learned how to turn rubbish into cash.

But, as the waste men working at the city's tips know, the value of waste is not simply financial. Often it's the emotional value that means that one man's rubbish really is another's treasure.

A touching, personal film that shows that waste isn't all dirty.

Wastemen: One Man's Rubbish, One Man's Treasure is first shown on BBC Two on May 5th at 9pm.




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