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Wastemen: The Home Front

Updated Tuesday, 7th April 2015

In the first of the series, Christmas is coming. And the most magical time of the year brings with it enormous strains for the Newcastle teams coping with a throwaway society.

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Stevie Embleton, manager of Walbottle tip, Newcastle Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Stevie Embleton prepares for a post-Christmas deluge Wastemen is a new observational documentary from The Open University and the BBC.

Every household in the country puts a tonne of rubbish out for the bin men to collect each year. In Newcastle the people tasked with dealing with it are waging a war on waste.

Landfill is the last resort and is now highly taxed. Recycling rates are now on the rise. And on the streets bin men and council enforcement officers take the fight to the people as they try and get them to throw away less and recycle more. But one time of year always pushes the entire industry to breaking point - Christmas.

Wastemen: The Home Front is first shown on BBC Two on 28th April 2015 at 9pm.





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