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    Welcome to the first of a series of online learning modules relating to the effective implementation of the diagnostic assessments.

    This online learning module is currently being piloted by a series of schools and individuals who have expressed interest.  

    If you are on the pilot for this course, ensure you complete: 

    • The pre-training questionnaire before starting.
    • The post-training questionnaire at the end of Part 1.  This includes your results and analysis from the moderation activity.  Details of how to send a copy of your assessment recording sheet anonymously are provided in the post-training questionnaire.
    The link for the questionnaires should be available through your Head Teacher (if you are doing this as a whole school) or you may have been sent this personally.  It is also in the Pre-Course Questionnaire Section within the course contents.

    We hope you enjoy the course and find it useful.

    7 Post-Course Questionnaire

    About this course

    • 3 hours study
    • Level 0: Beginner


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