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Monday 11th, Nov 2019 (Published on Wednesday 1st, May 2019)

NEWS: RESCHEDULED OpenLearn Create upgrade

RESCHEDULED OpenLearn Create upgrade May 2019

On TUESDAY 21 MAY 2019 OpenLearn Create will be unavailable for a few hours during the day (from 9:30 am BST) while it undergoes an upgrade to improve the site functionality, 1 day after OpenLearn undergoes a similar upgrade.

The site will be put into maintenance mode with a message for users explaining that it will be back as soon as possible.  During this period no learners or course creators will be able to access the site to continue building or studying courses, articles and resources. 

We aim to complete the upgrade as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We apologise to users in advance for any inconvenience the site unavailability may cause.