SENA & SENECA Virtual Exchange

SENA & SENECA Virtual Exchange
    • Virtual Exchange July 2019

      Welcome to our virtual class for ESL learners!

      This a platform for a virtual language exchange to practice your English. 
      You will practice your English by: 

      • Reading information from students in another country
      • Writing questions about different topics
      • Answering questions to share information about you and your experience

      Don't be shy! Get to know your partners.

    • Course learning outcomes

      Practice reading and writing online

      Read questions and respond

      Use vocabulary to write descriptions - present, past and future

      use simple and compound sentences

      Share information about your daily experience and life in the country you are in

    Below is the course content. You can click on any section here and it will take you through to this section of the course.

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      About this course

      • 28 hours study
      • Level 1: Introductory


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