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Research on Product Development Studies

Research on Product Development Studies
    • BSIT Power Plant Engineering

      Research in general is a very valuable undertaking but also a potentially confusing subject to hurdle. Based on the student’s accounts, research can be burdensome if the general template is not established for the many possible types of product development studies. Because product development can take different directions and different methods, it can be perplexing for students to follow the template that is not as open to new forms of innovations.

  • Course learning outcomes

    1. The learners are expected to learn the basic research writing in the project development format. 

    2. The students are expected to learn the writing on the different chapters and sub-chapters of research writing.

    3. In specifics, the learners will be able to identify the problems, construct the title, design the conceptual framework and project, write the operational processes of the project, test and analyze the performance of the project, and able to arrive at a conclusion and recommendations of the project. 

Below is the course content. You can click on any section here and it will take you through to this section of the course.

Course content


  • ExpandI. Research Introduction

  • ExpandII. Writing the Related Literature

  • ExpandIII. Writing the Methodology

  • ExpandIV. Writing the Project Development

  • ExpandV. Writing the Modelling, Simulation, and Evaluation

  • ExpandVI. Writing the Results, Discussions, and Comparative Analysis

  • ExpandVII. Writing the Findings, Conclusion, and Recommendations

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    jason Chavez

    jason Chavez19 May 2020 2:55

    Amazing usability

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