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EM _Online_Pedagogy

EM _Online_Pedagogy
    • Getting started

      Consider the following episode. 

      22 × 23 = ? is the problem and many in the class have gotten it wrong. 

      Teacher:  What many of you did, “was to multiply the 2’s so you got 22 × 23 = 45."That’s wrong. It’s 506.” He erases the answer and writes  506 instead. 

      What is missing above is the student dialogue?

      The teacher at no point did elicit any student participation to see how many students and which ones might still be confused. For instance, he did not check to see if any student could now do a similar problem or not. All he did was indicate the wrong and the right answers. 

      Having a good hold at content is not equivalent to be a good teacher. Indeed it is one of the major aspects, but teachers need to hold an overarching hand at the pedagogical practices as well. The area we are calling pedagogy means to cause mental acts within students’ heads that will result in their understanding or being able to do something. It’s what happens inside the students’ heads that matters, not what the teacher is doing. 

      Fortunately, what teachers do has a great deal to do with what goes on in students’ heads if they use the knowledge base of cognitive science well. 

      To master at the pedagogical aspect of teaching we need to keep in focus 

      1. Framing the lesson 
      2. Presenting information 
      3. Creating mental engagement 
      4. Getting inside students heads (a.k.a Cognitive empathy)
      5. Consolidating and anchoring the learning 

      We will examine each of these categories of behaviour and discuss the choices or repertoires available to us within each category.

    • Course learning outcomes

      This course is designed in a way to upskill the teacher's pedagogy for online/virtual platforms. It will help them to understand the basics of how to create an interactive environment during a live synchronous lecture.

    Below is the course content. You can click on any section here and it will take you through to this section of the course.

    Course content

    • ExpandFraming the learning

    • ExpandPresenting Information

    • ExpandCreating mental engagement

    • This topic

      ExpandGetting inside student's head

    • ExpandConsolidating and anchoring the learning

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      Ranjit Rawat

      Online Pedagogy

      Ranjit Rawat25 June 2020 7:30

      The online Pedagogy course is very important and helpful in present situation. With the help of online teaching aid and materials, different types of children friendly teaching tools and technique helping parents and teachers. So, I think online Pedagogy course useful for ur society.

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