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Health and Safety in SKIP

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Health and Safety in SKIP
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  • Course learning outcomes

    •To familiarise yourself with SKIP Contingency Plans and SKIP Summer Support.
    •To familiarise yourself with the Health and Safety Risk Assessment.
    •To know what sources of support are available to you and how to signpost other volunteers.
    •To know the importance of dignity, wellbeing and respect.

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Course content

  • What to do in an Emergency

    In the event of an incident or emergency on project SKIP have contingency plans to have clear guidelines to follow. These take the form of Traffic Lights and you can read through them below.

    These are designed to provide a clear step by step document of what volunteers do if there is an incidence or accident on project. Then who NC or branches need to contact (if relevant)and what they do if they need further support. This will depend on the specific incident and there are examples given with each contingency plan/ traffic lights. If you are unsure about how these work or have any questions about the contingency plans please contact your branch buddy or the Trustee Health & Safety Lead.

    All members of SKIP need to have an awareness of the contingency plans, even if not directly involved with volunteers on project. So please read through them carefully.

    All branches also have their own adapted health and safety forms and contingency plans for project. Please see the risk assessment section for an example and more information.

    NGO- non-governmental organization
    CO- collaborating organisation

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  • SKIP Summer Support

    SKIP Summer Support is a 'on call' rota which can be used by volunteers as part of the Contingency Plans if they need help or support, particularly in the event of an incidence.

    There is 2 national committee and 2 trustees on call at any point (a separate phone number for each). 
    When the national committee or the trustees (depending on what kind of incident it is- see Contingency Plans) both of the on call members will be phoned at the same time- whoever answers first will then deal with the incident. 
    The National Committee and Trustees change every week. 
    The rota will be set up before any of the volunteers go on project and will be shared with branches and volunteers.

    Please can you also remind your volunteers that SKIP members are NOT present in the project country so will NOT be able to give direct assistance in the country. Sometimes volunteers may need to ring a couple of times and normally somebody will answer but if not someone will phone back. Another option is to phone the NC on call if they're trying to get hold of the trustees and vice versa. 

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  • Support

    Every member of SKIP is vitally important to the charity, from volunteers right up to our trustees and patrons. We want to educate and empower all of our volunteers as without all the brilliant work our members do, there would be no SKIP! 

    We therefore strive to make sure you have all of the support and help you need. In this section we will go through where you can go to access support in and out of SKIP, and some resources you might find useful.

    skip trainers

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  • Wellbeing and Self Care

    The World Health Organisation states that wellbeing is 'a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.'

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  • Dignity, Wellbeing and respect

    In SKIP we work with many different people from many different backgrounds, cultures, religions and with many different values.

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  • End of Module Quiz

    Well done you've almost completed Health and Safety for SKIP!

    To pass the module you will need to get a minimum of 80% in the quiz, complete the feedback form and the confirmation .

    End of module quiz-
    To access the quiz click on the quiz icon and click start attempt.
    Answer the questions (you can always check back to the module if you're unsure of an answer).
    Click 'submit all and finish' to finish your attempt.
    Click 'finish review' when you have checked your answers.

    You need to score 80% or over to complete the quiz. If you have scored under 8 you will need to complete the quiz again. Click on start another attempt to try again.
    You can repeat the quiz as many times as you like.

    Feedback Form-
    Click on 'Answer the questions' to open the form.
    Answer the questions and click 'submit questionnaire'.  Press 'continue' before navigating to the confirmation of completion of module' (click the end of module quiz tab on the left hand side).

     Confirmation of completion of module -
     Click 'Start attempt' and read the information. Once you are happy you have completed all of the criteria please enter your name and the date in the signature box.
    Click 'finish attempt' to submit. Then 'submit all and finish'.
    This will then be checked by the online trainer who will mark it as complete.

    Once the SKIP Online Trainer has reviewed your course completion you will then receive a statement of participation to your email. Please download and save this for your records.

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