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      Clothing and accessories for animals is one of the trends in fashion that appeared at the beginning of the last century. Back in the 30s, the first canine "fashion designers" began to work and set the style and trends in animal fashion. Now designers produce entire collections of various clothes, from small hats to insulated overalls. The main criterion for creating clothes is the comfort and convenience of the pet. Clothing for animals is in great demand. Who knows, maybe in the future, the profession of a dog fashion designer will become very popular, and fashion shows will be held at the level of world fashion weeks from famous designers. Already today, various competitions for dogs are held, more about one of them here


      Animal outfits not only make them attractive and cute, but also serve a number of useful functions. During the summer and winter seasons, pets are susceptible to weather conditions - they can overheat in the sun or overcool in winter. Also, dog costumes should protect animals from thorns, ticks, ensure hygiene and the effects of many other external factors. Also, it can be used as a part of an outfit to make your dog more attractive.

      Despite the paramount importance of convenience and comfort, fashion still goes ahead and when acquiring a functional little thing for an animal, the owner tries to match it with fashionable novelties.


      Global brands, such as Gucci, Cavalli, and many others, have already released more than a dozen collections. Pet outfits that mimic the outfits of their owners are in fashion now. It can be anything: T-shirts, suits, overalls, dresses, and even shoes. 

      Oddly enough, fashion for animals intersects with fashion for people, so you can safely transfer fashionable decor to clothes and shoes for pets. Designers have not deprived the attention of the dogs. Let's see how best to decorate clothes and shoes for dogs to make them look stylish and fashionable.

      The ARTSTEP company offers bright accessories for clothes, shoes and accessories for cute pets. You can pick up quality parts and simulate original models. A wide range of accessories is available:


      • stripes, labels, metal plates . You can order  laser application on parts;

      • decorative metal pearls on a braid of various sizes, perfect for decorating pet's clothes;

      • multi-colored block, buttons, eyelets, Holniten  - small decor that can be used in clothes and shoes and also combined with each other;

      • zippers and suspensions are irreplaceable elements, the quality is important when sewing clothes;

      • fasteners in the form of fastex  are a reliable detail that will provide a firm hold and make clothes attractive.

      When choosing details, be sure to pay attention to the dog's breed, coat length and size. After all, choosing a fastener, for example, for the clothes of a long-haired pet is not a very good option. The clasp can entangle the fur. In this case, it is better to use buttons or buttons. 

      Decorations make the outfit bright and memorable, and believe me, animals feel it no less than people. The zoo has its own celebrities who are even nominated for various dog awards in the fashion industry. 

      How to choose the size of your clothes?

      It is best to buy clothes for your pet after trying it on - this way, you can make sure that the size is correct, and the dog is comfortable. If this is not possible (for example, you order clothes over the Internet), you should measure the basic parameters of the dog:

      • Back length. This is the most important parameter in determining the correct size. Stand the dog straight and measure the distance from the withers to the beginning of the tail - this is the desired value.

      • Neck circumference. Measured at the widest part of the animal's neck.

      • Bust and waist. The ribcage is measured at its widest part. The waist circumference is the narrowest part of your pet's belly. To make the dog feel comfortable in the clothes, add about 5-7 cm to the resulting values. If the pet has long hair, about 10 cm, depending on its length.

      • The length of the legs. Measured from chest and abdomen to wrist.

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Below is the guide content. You can click on any section here and it will take you through to this section of the guide.

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