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  • Child Safeguarding in SKIP

    Welcome to the SKIP e-learning module Child Safeguarding in SKIP!

    This module will take 30 minutes to complete. Please ensure that you also complete the quiz, feedback and confirmation of completion at the end of the module. 

    Please note that SKIP e-learning is charity wide for all our members so there will not be any branch/country/project specific information. Instead the e-learning will focus on charity wide processes and systems you need to know about.  If you are a project volunteer you should receive country specific training from your branch. If you are concerned about this please contact

    Trigger Warning: This module discusses issues surrounding child abuse, which can be distressing.

    If you have any issues completing this module or have any specific feedback you would like to share please contact

    A group of SKIP volunteers stand in a circle with children, teaching them a game,They are stood in a desert, mountainous area

    • Summary

      • Child protection is actions to protect children from harm and is important for every SKIP member. 

      • All child protection incidents on project should be reported directly to the trustee on call.

      • Cultural differences and different perceptions between different individuals can sometimes make abuse difficult to identify- if you have any concern always report an incident to the trustees. 

      • All volunteers must have a criminal record check before project and there are lots more additional child safeguarding training opportunities.

      • Branches must provide specific training to volunteers on safeguarding within their project company. 

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