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Car Basics

Car Basics
    • Introduction and Program Overview


       Welcome to the Car Basics Program! 

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      In this series, you will explore and learn about an overview about cars, the types of cars, purchasing a new car (including its benefits and drawbacks), purchasing a used car (including its benefits and drawbacks), the differences between a new and used car, the basics of car insurance and pricing, rental cars, leasing cars, negotiation with cars, car safety, car loans, and returning/selling a car.

    • Course learning outcomes

      The learning outcomes for this course include:

      • Introduction to Cars

      • Types of Cars

      • Difference Between Used and New Cars

      • Car Insurance Basics

      • Car Pricing

      • Rental and Leasing Cars

      • Car Negotiation

      • Car Safety

      • Car Loans

      • Returning/Selling a Car

    Below is the course content. You can click on any section here and it will take you through to this section of the course.

    Course content

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    Course reviews

      Benjamin Li


      Benjamin Li4 January 2021 1:15

      Great course with a lot of information made readily available at hand. This made me a lot more confident with how to handle my car!

      Srilekha Cherukuvada

      love this course!

      Srilekha Cherukuvada4 January 2021 12:16

      this was such an informational course & i loved learning about the basics of cars. it's really comprehensive and i'll definitely remember all of this in my future! so valuable!

      Manu Saxena

      Very helpful tips and easy to understand

      Manu Saxena4 January 2021 12:05

      Nice tips easy to understand and good information. The skills covered are not covered in any classrooms so it provides a hands on experience on various topics . Thank you so much for doing it really helpful .

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    About this course

    • 5 hours study
    • Level 1: Introductory


    5 out of 5 stars

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