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Friday 8th, Jan 2021 (Published on Friday 8th, Jan 2021)

Is Blogging Still Profitable in 2021

This article will help the users to find everything about blogging. We will discuss how to start a blog and ways to promote it.


Is Blogging still profitable?


Tell me one industry that is not saturated? Even this Corona Industry, which created a lot of new streams of earnings like Face Masks, Sanitizers, Hair Caps, Gloves, etc, is not saturated.

Blogging Industry still pays you over $80k a month, and for the proof, just check this Forbes article.

What do you need to be successful in blogging?

First of all, blogging is not a "Get Rich Quickly scheme". It requires a lot of hard work and an innovative mindset.

You need - 

a) to devote time

b) acquire writing skills

c) to be a salesperson

d) to build a network.

e) finally, we researched the Niche to start with. 


How to select a Niche?

So, for blogging, you need a particular topic. You are not a newspaper website which can write on each and every subject.

  • Figure out your area of expertise.
  • Any special skill you have, that has demand too.
  • Your interest, a topic on which you can create unlimited content.
  • A bit of Keyword research is required for that. Check Brian Dean's guide.

Finally, pen down at least 7-8 such topics and start researching. For step by step process to start a blog,  you can visit the detailed article.