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Assessment in DL: Clinical Skills Assessment

Assessment in DL: Clinical Skills Assessment
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      Welcome to the Assessment in DL: Clinical Skills Assessment Course which is a corner stone of Distance learning of clinical skills. 

      Technology-enhanced learning has become a necessary transition in the COVID-19 era, on the other hand, assessment, remains a problem that requires much more than introduction of technology. Hence rises the question:" How can students’ procedural and metacognitive knowledge in instructional design, be evaluated with the synchronous assessment method and online OSCE? In this course, starting from 17th of March 2021 and until the 30th of March 2021, we will facilitate the planning and execution of distant learning assessment process.


      Course description

      This course has a duration of two weeks. It is composed of two modules. During each module, you will be requested to engage in a defined learning activity and perform a certain task.  

      In the first module (Explore clinical skills assessment) that will last for three days, you will be introduced through readings and video material to clinical skills assessment and related important concepts. You will be asked to reflect on your experience so far with CSA.

       The second module (Design Distance Clinical skills Assessment) is 11 days long. This module represents the hands-on part of the course, where you will work on drafting a general plan for a Distance Clinical skills assessment. 


      Learning Outcomes

      By the end of this course; The learners will be able to:

      1.      Restore their knowledge about the traditional clinical skills assessment.

      2.      Discover new assessment strategies suitable for use with distant learning context.

      3.      Develop a plan for distant learning assessment

      Course Requirements

      This course is designed for beginners in developing online Clinical Skills Assessment:

      ·         Hardware: Internet-connected laptop/desktop PC

      ·         Browsers: Firefox/Chrome/Safari

      To pass the course, the learner has to

      1.      Take the pretest

      2.      Reflect their experience with the traditional OSCE

      3.      Provide a design of a Distance Clinical skills Assessment.

      4.      Take the post-test.

      Fulfilling these requirements positively is required to receive your certificate, which will be provided through your application email.

  • Course learning outcomes

    1. Recognize the essence of distance learning.
    2. Reflect on own  previous experiences with clinical skills assessment.
    3. Contrast and analyze clinical skills assessment important modalities, advantages, and disadvantages, steps to design, and barriers consideration.
    4. Suggest a design to a distance clinical skills assessment.

Below is the course content. You can click on any section here and it will take you through to this section of the course.

Course content

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Course reviews

    Khalilullah Shefa

    my review

    Khalilullah Shefa20 February 2021 5:38

    thank you for designing such nice course

    Nayera Mostafa

    Assessment in DL: Clinical Skills Assessment general review

    Nayera Mostafa19 February 2021 9:59

    The course is useful providing several resources & exploring the concept of DL in clinical assessment especially in COVID-19 pandemic.

About this course

  • 15 hours study
  • Level 3: Advanced


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