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Scotland UWS COER - Identity and Inter-professional Working

6. Sharing theory and Practice

Drawing on your reflections in your Individual wiki please share how you might apply what you have learned from this case to your professional practice using the Group wiki to answer the following reflective questions:

  • What have I learned from analysing the staff development video about identity and how could I use that in my own practice?
  • What implications does my learning from this have for my future practice, plans, work, community and personal life? 
  • Are there any other issues that I think are relevant to how identity can inform assets based approaches to professional practice?     
  • What else do I think is useful to note about the relationship between the different aspects of identity (personal, family and community) and professional practice?
  • How could I use some of these theoretical ways of thinking about identity into my professional practice to promote assets based approaches?

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