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Further study opportunities

1. Key considerations

An important note on further study: there are many positive reasons to continue your education, which we’ll discuss in this section, but be wary of pursuing a postgraduate qualification to extend your time as a student or assuming it will be more impressive than a poor undergraduate result (recruiters will still look at your first degree result). Recruiters are looking for graduate attributes alongside academic attainment.

Some students use further study as a fallback plan which is expensive and time consuming and is unlikely to change your career prospects, earning potential, etc. after completion if not thoroughly thought through. If you’re still thinking and need more time, consider taking a free online course, gaining some work experience, or taking some time out to concentrate on career planning before making your decision.

Further study is an excellent option if you’re pursuing a career as an academic (Masters and PhD are often a requirement), the postgraduate qualification is a prerequisite for your career (e.g. PGDE, Postgraduate Diploma in Education), or you’re looking for a career change. Ask yourself some questions to get started:

  • Is the course a requirement for your chosen career?
  • Will this course help you to make a career change unrelated to your undergraduate degree, e.g. a conversion course?
  • Will it improve your career prospects or earning potential?
  • Can you afford it?

It’s also worth mentioning here that you should be passionate about the subject you intend to study as postgraduate qualifications are often more intensive and time consuming than undergraduate. In addition, there is likely to be less teaching time and more personal study, so drive and commitment are important factors. 

Some students pursue postgraduate study to improve their salary. This is likely over time, but it is unlikely to impact your immediate earning potential. General graduate recruiters rarely differentiate between an undergraduate and postgraduate, so keep this in mind.

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