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Impact of Covid-19

2. Fact checking

In April 2020, the Office for Budgetary Responsibility made a worst-case scenario prediction. Depending on the length of the lockdown required, experts predicted there could be an up to 35% drop in growth in the UK, leading to an unemployment rate of up to 10%. Although these figures looked daunting, it also predicted that the economy would recover quickly once restrictions were lifted and that it shouldn’t cause long-lasting damage. Taken in isolation, many headlines were distressing and potentially misleading.  

All countries in the global economy were impacted, so it is important to become more comfortable with using reputable sources, including predictions, to inform your career research and planning

Identifying reputable sources can be challenging as many organisations hold their own values. Review these resources as a starting point.  

  • Specialist graduate support sites like Prospects Luminate


  • Professional networking sites like LinkedIn


  • Government departments and agencies, e.g. Department of Business, Innovation and Skills

Department of Business, Innovation and Skills

  • Employer organisations, e.g. Institute of Student Employers (ISE)

Institute of Student Employers

  • Trade Unions/Professional Associations
  • NGOs (Non-governmental organisations)
  • Academic and research establishments/organisations
  • Trusted news outlets

As you’ve done during your studies, think critically about the data presented to you:  

  • Who wrote it? What was their intention? 

  • Is it balanced?   

  • Are points supported by evidence? 

This mindset will help you to plan some achievable steps.