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Impact of Covid-19

5. Adapting your career plan to take advantage of current opportunities

5.1. Where are my skills relevant?

If the role or sector you have been working towards has been impacted, it’s natural to be concerned about how to adapt. Here are some tips to think about what other options might suit you:

Review graduate vacancy sites and look at the types of opportunities available

  • Do any appeal?
  • What are the entry requirements?
  • Which skills can you confidently demonstrate?
  • Are there any skills you’re currently missing?

Once you’ve identified some roles that sound appealing, conduct further research

  • Use Prospects Job Profiles to explore what the role involves more broadly and investigate where opportunities are available

Prospects Job Profiles

  • Use the vacancy boards listed in the Profiles and sources recommended to find linked opportunities

After completing the steps above, identify sectors where your skills are relevant

  • How is the wider sector performing?
  • Which organisations are the key competitors and are there any opportunities? Are there other employers in the market you could approach?
Follow up on any areas requiring development

  • Can you reframe any of your current evidence to partially address the weakness?
  • Can you take a free course online?
  • Would part of the organisation’s induction process upskill you and how might you explain this during the recruitment process?