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Impact of Covid-19

5. Adapting your career plan to take advantage of current opportunities

5.2. Immediate opportunities

There are opportunities closer to home than you think:

Work shadowing someone in your household: Many organisations asked their employees to adapt to remote working so there may be an opportunity to gain some hands-on experience in your own home. Remember to treat this with the professionalism it deserves. If your mum is an Assistant Director of her business, you cannot treat her like your mum during work hours. Reach out to your immediate network and explore what’s possible.

Online mentoring: similarly, reach out to your extended professional network via LinkedIn and/or your university’s Alumni platform. If your career plans have now changed, either as an interim measure or your career research has taken you in a different direction, this is a great opportunity to connect with relevant contacts and seek out new ones to gain some insight. Your university may offer informal or formal mentoring connections through the Alumni or Careers departments so make sure to review what’s on offer. Universities also have alumni communities on LinkedIn which you can tap into to expand your knowledge in your areas of interest. 

Taking an online courseyou may wish to consider the wide variety of courses available (many are available free or at a discounted price) or look into longer-term digital learning opportunities. OpenLearn, FutureLearn, and LinkedIn Learning are useful places to start to explore options to upskill, or to find a course you’d like to take for your own interest or personal development. 



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