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Week 1: Thinking about inclusive education

5. A model for thinking about inclusive education

5.1. The Wave model of intervention

In this model, inclusive education (IE) is seen as a ‘graduated response’ and is the responsibility of all teachers. Think of IE as three levels of intervention. The model proposes that the first level toward good inclusive practice is ensuring that all teachers are teaching to as high a standard as possible using well-founded pedagogical principles, including differentiating work to cater for a variety of needs.

If you encounter a learner with significant needs (e.g. someone who is visually impaired, or physically disabled) there will still be things that you can do in your classroom to support them, even if you need assistance to do so. The aim of this course is to ensure all teachers have the confidence to try and cater for the needs of all children in their classes.

Now you have been introduced to the Wave model of intervention, the next activity asks you to read about it in more detail and to begin to think about how it relates to your own practice. As you read, think about the reasons for being excluded you included in your mind map in Activity 1.1.