Scotland UWS COER - Identity and Inter-professional Working

2. Introducing the mini-case (International)

You will be presented with a mini-case consisting of textual extracts from audio interviews and video clips which you will analyse to address a set of critical questions about the content of the mini-case.

First you will watch a video of a staff development workshop conducted at Centrestage in Scotland. Centrestage is a social enterprise that is firmly based on an assets based approach in all that they do. This approach is used with various different client groups and also with their approach to staff development. The video is of a staff development session where the staff are exploring issues of identity and how they impact on their professional practice.

You will be asked to consider the issues raised in the video in relation to your own professional practice.

You will then be able to read about how other community practitioners implement assets based approaches in other contexts.  In addition, you will be able to read how others think about identity and how it relates to their professional practice.


Further information about the Scottish case study can be found by clicking on the hyperlink which will download a PDF version of the Scottish case Study Report.

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UWS Scottish Case Study Report