Section 5. The roles of an instructor in a LMOOC


1. Types of interaction in virtual environment

Nowadays we may observe a new stage in online language learning and teaching outside the classroom which key peculiarity is the absence of direct student-teacher communication (Williams, 2013, p.1).

Basically there are 6 types of interaction in virtual environment:

  1. Learner-Teacher;

  2. Learner-Learner;

  3. Learner-Guest Expert or Learner-Community Member (Human interactions);

  4. Learner-Tools;

  5. Learner-Content;

  6. Learner-Environment (Non-human interactions) (Hanna, 2000, p.11)

The roles of an instructor in a LMOOC presented in the section are based on the classification of pedagogical roles deveped by Munoz Carril, Gonzalez Sanmamed, & Hernandez Seles (2013).