Section 6. Architectonics of LMOOCs


1. 1

LMOOCs are believed to combine the elements of informal and formal learning, uniting structured course content and tasks with necessary technologies and social media tools. They are very efficient in terms of development of language competences, particularly interactive and productive skills, when compared to traditional online courses. Nevertheless, the trouble with developing and designing efficient LMOOCs is making a choice of a suitable MOOC platform and a relevant tool set, and creating the most efficient tasks and resources for the course.

The correlation of structure and interaction depends on the course designer as well as the basic MOOC platform and available tools. Although there is a wide range of MOOC platforms and technologies now, and a growing number of language courses on them, the choice that an instructor has when creating a course, and deciding on what resources, tasks and tools should be applied, is not always clear.