Networking online

3. Twitter

Twitter has become an excellent business to business social tool. It offers an open access option to network, research roles, companies, and sectors, and find opportunities. One of the key advantages is you don’t need to be connected to see somebody’s tweets. 

  • Be professional: if you have a personal Twitter account, set up a new professional one with appropriate picture and profile
  • Find relevant professionals or pages to follow: Twitter refreshes constantly, follow pages which are of interest to you but avoid following too many feeds or you may miss updates from those you’re most interested in
  • Think about influencers: who are the influencers in your sector? Is it a company, an individual? Are thoughts/feelings driven by a news channel, public figure, or professional body? Do you your research
  • Search for work: Graduate recruiters share their advertisements on Twitter to raise awareness, as do most employers… it’s free advertising
  • Get involved: if you’re happy to engage in conversations and retweet interesting articles/posts, you can become an active voice in the conversation – ask questions, contribute to discussions but keep your interactions professional
  • Search for #s: there are plenty of hashtags to help you find relevant tweets