Developing self-awareness

1. Ruling Things Out

The DOTS model discussed earlier in this section is a simple but effective tool which allows you to think about your career in a straightforward, actionable way. It’s easy to make a start:

Ruling things out: Deciding what you do want can be more difficult than deciding what you don’t want, so ruling things out is a great place to start. It may be that you need to revisit this and compromise, for example, you may like a role with little admin, but admin tasks are essential in every job and you’ll inevitably have to do at least a little.

Keep in mind that some tasks we don’t enjoy/want to do can offer us a great learning experience and push us out of our comfort zone.

Activity: make a list of activities you don’t want to be involved in your job, environments you don’t want to work in, companies which don't share your moral or ethical standpoints... and any other factors you can think of.