What Next?

1. Stretch Your Comfort Zone

...don’t snap it!

Identify small steps which will push you out of your comfort zone and set yourself interim goals. Be specific and imagine yourself enjoying the end goal. Think about this life goal: “Swim in the Great Barrier Reef in summer 2021”. You wouldn’t just throw yourself into the sea if you didn’t know how to swim, yet we do this with career goals all the time, expecting that the skills are just inherent.

Break it down into manageable steps:

  1. Research appropriate resources, e.g. swimming costume, arm bands (for beginners!), cost of going to a swimming pool to practice
  2. Find a pool to train in
  3. Select a swimming teacher/support network
  4. Save money to afford lessons
  5. Complete a course to gradually learn to swim
  6. Understand necessary precautions to protect yourself
  7. Research costs and save money to buy a ticket to Australia
  8. Etc.

Where possible, put a plan in place for activities which you know will stretch you to avoid unnecessary difficulty and feelings of unhappiness or failure. Avoid first steps which send you into a blind panic, remember to stretch your comfort zone, not break it.