Section 10. Advantages and disadvantages of LMOOCs

1. 1

The sections above give an overview of different aspects of LMOOC such as motivation, design, efficiency, pronunciation, the instructor's role, while paying attention to pedagogical, architectural, ethical and social issues. Some ontological aspects of LMOOCs should be considered as well. LMOOC stands for Language Massive Online Course. Let us have a look at each of these notions.

- Language. LMOOCs provide efficient learning solutions that fit fundamental SLA (Second Language Acquisition) theories, but they do not always build on the previous experience and take into account some basic principles. L in LMOOCs has not been fully implemented yet. It order to be implemented successfully special requirements should be met beforehand.

- Massive. It means LMOOCs are intended for large groups of users. But only motivated and educated learners are likely to choose such courses, so it is difficult to call them massive in terms of getting into the market.