Impact of Covid-19

4. Longer-term planning

4.2. Your own journey

It’s important to recognise and come to terms with your own experience of the situation, and it’s okay to feel upset that your plans have been upended. Milestones such as your graduation ceremony, are very important parts of your life and it’s okay to mourn these losses.  

Additionally, you may have lost your income, a future opportunity, or be supporting others who are dealing with similar losses, e.g. your parents, partner, friends, or extended family. More than that, you may have been directly impacted by a bereavement as a result of this crisis.  

You will have heard the word “unprecedented” used regularly, and it is the only definition we have. This means there is no tried and tested way to deal with what we have experienced and we’ll all find new ways to move forward.  

Even without the addition of the global crisis, those listed are common thoughts and feelings associated with transition away from the familiar into something unknown and are a normal part of life