Impact of Covid-19

1. Introduction to this section

1.1. Employer priorities and strategies

Staff costs can be an organisation’s largest financial outlay, so freezing new hires not only aims to ensure existing staff keep their jobs (although unfortunately this is not always possible) but also means new employees will have a better experience in the long term, e.g. appropriate induction and training.  

You may have noticed a rise in temporary positions during national lockdowns, for example, in supermarkets. These hiring decisions fill an existing need which organisations recognise they will no longer be able to sustain longer term. Employers value the initiative employees took to adapt their original plan to gain transferable skills. Remember to highlight your own examples in your applications. Perhaps you have an example from this list: 

  • Fruit pickers and other agricultural roles
  • Health and social care roles and volunteers
  • Supermarket logistics staff and pick and packers
  • Delivery drivers