Impact of Covid-19

3. Working from home and 'hybrid' working

For many new graduates heading into the workplace, chances are you don’t have many (or any) pre-existing habits or specific expectations… so you’re in a strong position to be able to adapt positively to this new situation we find ourselves in. If you are a mature learner, career changer, or you have experience to draw on, give yourself time to process this transition. Many of the changes, however, will already be familiar to you through your studies.  

For office-based staff:  

  • Use of digital and virtual learning environments has expanded  

  • Some socialising opportunities have remained online   

  • Collaboration is happening in shared digital workspaces instead of in meetings on paper 

  • A combination of in-person and online working is now often referred to as 'hybrid' 

Employers looked to adapt, innovate, and capitalise on new opportunities.

Staff who work partially from home or remotely, and partially in the office, may now be referred to as 'hybrid' workers. Their contractual place of work is usually still their office address, however, as the needs of the organisation change the contract may be updated. You will also hear phrases like 'phased return'. This suggests the organisation aims to have everyone back in the office eventually. You may have previous experience of this type of working pattern, but it can pose its own challenges. Use our section on working from home to build strategies and routines that work for you.

Some sectors fared better than others in the short- and medium-term, and long-term impacts are yet to be seen. However you choose to deal with the situation we find ourselves in remember that there isn’t a 'correct', 'one-size-fits all' solutionor way to think or feel. Take stock and remember that you have been, any may continue to be under a lot of pressure; give yourself time to adapt and adjust. 

Everyone will develop their own coping mechanisms and strategies. These are up to you, but this course will offer you guidance and remind you there is plenty you can do to progress in your career planning to take steps towards a positive future