Impact of Covid-19

6. How to capitalise on the situation and stand out

Use the Developing self-awareness activities in this section.

Possibly without realising it, you have gained a wide range of skills you can highlight as part of the recruitment and selection process.  

There was a lot of advice on how to make the most of time spent indoors. You may have felt very motivated and used the time to read, learn new skills, take up a new interest/activity... but for others the main achievement was adapting to a new and confined way of living, which shouldn’t be underestimated. We each have our own definitions of success, especially in unprecedented circumstances.   

Consider the following questions: 

What are your points of pride in your handling of this situation?

What evidence do you now have of transferable skills, including planning, critical thinking, and resilience? 

What have you achieved during the transition? What activities did you get involved in and what skills and qualities can you now demonstrate

  • Maintained a positive, driven outlook and mindset 
  • Managed your schedule to ensure you could complete all your coursework
  • Adapted to all classes being delivered online 
  • Used degree knowledge to share important health and social messages digitally
  • Supported friends and peers in group activities 
  • Offered opinions to the university to support it to take informed action for students 
  • Learned a new creative skill such as writing, painting, graphic design 
  • Took a coding course and gained a certificate 
  • Showed resourcefulness  
  • Supported others – neighbours, family, friends 
  • Volunteered (with the NHS, a local charity, of your own accord to support your elderly neighbours) 
  • Successfully navigated lockdown alone 
  • Managed your workload and looking after your family, children 

Remember that employers seek evidenceIt’s not enough to state you have the skills, your task is to convince the employer you have them. Use this time to collect your examples.