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A Volunteer Charter - The 10 Principles

Principles for Assuring Legitimacy and Preventing Exploitation of Workers and Volunteers

1. Introduction

1.1. What do we mean by volunteering?

The values that underpin this charter are:  

  • Recognising people as assets - not a commodity

  • Building on people’s skills and experience

  • Promoting reciprocity, mutual respect and trust - building and supporting strong social networks

The characteristics of volunteering based on the United Nations definition are;

  • Mutual support/self-organising - where we meet our shared needs together in associational life.

  • Formal service - normally through 3rd parties with agreed roles and responsibilities and management arrangements (the charter principles are especially relevant here).

  • Civic participation and campaigning - such as youth forums, political movements, and public service decision-making

The principles of volunteering - are that volunteer activity of any kind is undertaken with free will, is not for payment, and seeks community benefits.