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9. Summary: Inclusive Teaching

These resources have provided a basis for three teaching approaches which will help you to support learners in becoming more involved in lessons and help you to think about how to include all learners in your lessons. The purpose of these last activities is to reflect on what you have learned and to complete a short quiz to demonstrate your understanding of the key concepts.

Activity 2.19: Reflecting on your professional development

On your own, look back through your Teacher Notebook and make a summary of some of the main things you have learned in this course.  

  • What has helped you to learn?
  • Are there any critical incidents that made a big impact on you?
  • Think back to last term – write down any ways in which your lessons are different now.

Discuss your reflections with a colleague and set yourselves three targets each for next month. Think about the things that you think you need to improve and what you can do to achieve that improvement.  

Complete the quiz here