Overview of the Course


1. Introduction

Online learning is increasingly found in every area of education, from schools to workplace skills training. Even where teaching is primarily ‘face to face’, online tools and interactions have become a key part of the learning experience. If you work in education or training at any level, online or face to face, you need to develop new skills and understanding in order to make the right decisions, make the most of the opportunities, and overcome common challenges.

In this free course, we share the basic knowledge needed to produce an effective online course. You will hear about the experiences of three Open University educators and share your own experiences leading to course participants understanding the ideas and tools that shape how to produce an online course. Examples are given of free or commonly available software and hosting platforms, with some key features of OpenLearn Create and Kolibri platforms to help you to understand how to present your course online. You will also learn useful methods that will guide you to test out these new ideas in your future practice.

Listen to the audio in which Michael Ngoasong introduces the course