Week 1: Thinking about inclusive education


5. A model for thinking about inclusive education

5.3. Inclusive teaching in action

The three waves of intervention happen alongside each other as they are needed. According to the Wave model, any teacher can provide opportunities for all their pupils to be included in learning. This ‘universal’ provision may include developing ways for pupils to work together in pairs and groups. It might involve using pictures and objects to help children to understand new ideas or planning different tasks that the child can achieve. It does not require specialist training, but the teacher will need to think about new ways that the child can participate and learn. Wave 2 focuses on whole school approaches and partnerships, while in Wave 3, working with specialists is the focal point to support children who need it. You can learn more about providing all the Waves of intervention in the second course in this programme, Creating an inclusive school. The focus for this course is ‘Wave 1’.

Activity 1.6 Involving all

Allow approximately 20 mins for this activity.

  1. Watch the first 45 seconds and note down the key strategies for inclusive practice identified.
  2. Watch between 8.04 -10.50: What strategies do these teachers use to include children with learning disabilities?
  3. How do the strategies used in this school compare to the recommendations of the Wave model from Sarton and Smith (2019)?

Reflection point

Think again about children in your class who might be excluded in some way.

How might some of the teaching strategies identified in the Wave model and the video help them to be included?