Week 1: Thinking about inclusive education


7. A vision for inclusive education

In preparing this course, we asked practitioners what inclusive education meant to them. In the next activity you will listen to one contribution from KISE.

Activity 1.8 A vision for inclusive education

Allow approximately 15 mins for this activity.

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Listen to Daniel explaining his vision for inclusive teaching. In your study notebook, summarise the key points that he makes.

From a student’s perspective, Daniel’s vision is inspiring. Imagine what it would be like to be treated in this way! For a classroom teacher, however, Daniel’s vision is daunting! However, don’t be discouraged. The message from this course is that attaining the vision takes time. In Week 2 you will be introduced to the idea of a continuum – a continuous line between the current situation and a vision such as the one set out by Daniel. The idea is that through small changes in practice it is possible to gradually move along the continuum, and over time make a considerable difference to many students. You will return to this vision in Week 4.