Week 4: A toolkit for inclusive teaching and learning


4. Going further

4.2. Resources to support subject teaching

One of the aspects of a teachers’ knowledge is how to teach a subject. Primary teachers need to know how to teach a range of subjects; secondary school teachers usually focus on one main subject. Being an inclusive teacher involves knowing some strategies to bring the subject alive in the classroom, and strategies for involving all learners. In the next activity, you will explore some OERs to support subject teaching in primary and secondary schools.

Activity 4.5 Subject resources

Allow approximately 1 hour for this activity.

Spend some time reviewing the following resources:


Listen to the short film explaining the TESSA resources.

Make a note of the link and anything that you find that will be useful in your own teaching. Remember, all the resources can be adapted.  

Make a Week 4 forum post highlighting one resource that you would like to use – what it is and why you like it.

If possible, share the resources with your colleagues and plan how to use them to support others.