Welcome to Inclusive Teaching and Learning


3. How you will learn on this course

During the course you will be introduced to a number of tools and resources that you can download and use in your work. There will also be optional readings and links that you can use to deepen your knowledge and understanding of a particular topic.

Inclusive Teaching and Learning is ‘learner-centred’ and inclusive in its approach (Schweisfurth, 2013). Therefore, the course:

  • builds on your existing knowledge and challenging you to learn more
  • provides activities aimed at motivating you and your teacher colleagues
  • takes account of the different starting points you might have
  • emphasises the importance of dialogue to support thinking and learning
  • draws on examples relevant to your everyday life and to your role as an educator
  • promotes the learning of a range of skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity
  • makes space for personal reflection and responses
  • encourages you to work together and discuss the activities.

It draws on examples and case studies in order to illustrate principles of practice. You are encouraged to analyse these examples and identify ways in which they apply to your context and your practice.